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When I see a remarkable DIY tool, inspiration is at its top. Feels like turning back to roots. On the other hand audio equipment, which is complex and fragile, is pricey for most of us. As the data sharing experience improves, do it yourself culture shapes itself into new models and organisations. Today DIY audio tools are reachable, cheaper and impressive.

Here are some of my favorite DIY audio content,



DIY Recording Equipment sells an ever-growing selection of kits to DIY’ers all over the world. Their kits range from top level recording mics to analog equipment & studio essentials. This is what DIYRE thinks about DIY and music industry,

Quality recording gear is not a collector’s item, a status symbol, or a marketing gimmick: it’s a tool for creating music. And as musicians we believe that the tools for making great records should be as affordable as possible. All of our kits are designed and manufactured from the ground up to provide you with excellent tools at an accessible price.”

Most of all I love the story of Peterson Goodwyn, who started DIYRE in 2009. This beautiful video reveals him and the culture behind,



Microphone parts, as the name suggests, is a place to look for capsules, mic bodies, mod kits etc. Definitely a cheap and reliable source for individual audio enthusiasts. The founder Matt McGlynn explains their role for DIY,

Having spent four (plus) years promoting microphone manufacturers and modders, I saw a gap in the product offering for the DIY and maker communities. There are a variety of high-grade microphone components that were not previously available in small quantities. At the same time, the manufacturers of some of these components are capable of higher-quality production than what they’ll do when nobody is looking. Microphone-Parts.com solves both problems: we buy better parts, in larger quantities, than small shops and individuals can; we apply rigorous quality control; we make the parts easily available to fellow audio enthusiasts around the world.”



Micmod is serving full DIY kits for the top level microphones, like neumann’s, with less than half the price. The audio examples are pretty impressive, there is only hardly noticable differences.


This great video by Peterson Goodwyn is a handsdown winner for DIY audio creation,

DIY is great, inspiring and innovating.

If you know other DIY content, post them as comments.


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