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Celemony is releasing Version 4 of its legendary audio software Melodyne. With the Sound Editor in Melodyne 4, you can reach into the spectra of polyphonic sound and shape overtones.

This is not just new technology but magic. The new overtone shaper in Melodyne 4 opens endless possibilities for sound manipulation.

Melodyne recognizes the notes and their overtones – also a decisive advantage when it comes to sound processing. While conventional equalizers only act upon fixed frequencies, Melodyne adapts to the audio material itself. Adjust the level of individual overtones within each track, shape the basic sound of each instrument, relate the timbre or envelope of each note to its pitch, bring out the character of each sound source.
The results are novel acoustically, often unique, invariably invigorating – yet the Sound Editor is intuitive and lends itself easily to creative use.

The new overtone shaper has this beautiful interface,


Multitrack Editing

Multitrack editing has one very important advantage: you can see and edit the notes of as many tracks as you like simultaneously. The harmonies, melodies and rhythms of your project can all be viewed in context. And you can reach into this plastic image of the music, select notes and modify them, regardless of which tracks they belong to.

Learn more and buy on Melodyne Website

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