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Ranked #1 in: Marketing > Research E-commerce > Auctions & Small Business This book presents proven marketing, growth hacking, PR and brand strategies that any entrepreneur can put immediately into action. Marketing Growth Secret is not another AirBnB or Uber case study, but an actionable guide on how to scale your startup or small business and make money. Whether you are a digital marketer looking for innovative techniques or a business owner looking for new ways to bring clients to your doorstep, this book will help you achieve growth. Marketing Growth Secret also analyzes the success (and failure) of hundreds of startups in achieving breakthrough growth, presenting you with patterns and an actionable framework to serve as guidelines for your business and marketing strategies. Discover: • How to achieve growth in your organization, integrating step-by-step, actionable strategies; • How to integrate growth hacking into your existing marketing strategies instead of choosing one approach or the other; • The patterns underlying the recent success of a hundred startups divided by industry; • The mistakes to avoid in building your startup, analyzing the stories of over one hundred startups that have failed; • What growth hacking is, and how to adopt a growth hacking mindset; • Learn the P.I.B.: an agile marketing framework for your marketing strategy. The marketing & growth hacks collected in the book: Acquisition Get anyone’s email and… …..Hit their inbox Find out your competitors marketing tool stack Chatbots to grow your funnel Immediately Improve SEO Rankings Through Relevant links The rules behind Social Media Growth Facebook – find out your competitors likes and audience Facebook – automatically invite all friends Facebook – Find B2B Clients Linked – The LinkedIn hack Twitter – the golden rules Instagram – Growth through Instagram SEO YouTube – Improve your rankings Pinterest – Massively Grow Your Audience Activation “SEEN IN” hack to gain credibility Content experiments on Google platform Split-testing 101 Personal branding: become an authority Anatomy of the perfect landing page Leverage Influencers Retention Auto-like on Twitter everything your clients post Automatically Schedule Thousands of Tweets 5 Tips to retain your users Revenues Growth Marketing Tools for building your Revenue funnel

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